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India’s burgeoning population & issues such as water scarcity, pollution, environmental degradation, dwindling forest cover, poor waste management, falling groundwater tables, soil degradation; coupled with the need to ensure economic growth mean that unless a balance is struck between the environment, progress of individuals and communities, & the economics of development, the growth is not likely to be sustainable.

We draw upon our individual experiences in driving sustainability initiatives in organizations & our prior experience across a wide range of industries in order to provide insights and help develop programs that can have a positive impact on issues that matter today: environmental degradation, conservation of natural resources, social inequity, & sustainable development. We believe that it is important to leverage contemporary knowledge & technology in order to provide solutions that can scale & have the necessary impact. Our extensive hands-on implementation experience allows us to understand issues related to execution, & therefore to take them into consideration to ensure good on-the-ground execution.

Our services encompass formulation of sustainability strategy, program management, execution support, training & capacity building, monitoring and reporting. These help organizations with climate change adaptation, reducing risk, managing stakeholders effectively, & improving competitiveness.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have the mandate to work on all areas permitted under Schedule VII of The Companies Act, 2013.

We help organizations draw up their corporate social responsibility strategy and programs, help develop employee volunteering initiatives, provide program management services and help assess the impact that these have had on communities. We also help them with conducting NGO due diligence, identifying community needs, community engagement, evaluation and monitoring of CSR initiatives, & CSR reporting.

We encourage individuals to partner with us and provide their time & expertise to work on issues that matter in communities.

Research & Field Studies

As a knowledge driven organization, we hope to make original contributions to the fields of sustainability & sustainable development, climate change, environmental protection, & social equity through the research and field studies that we undertake. It will be our endeavor to ensure that our studies are fact-based, rooted in science, integrate the perspectives of different stakeholders and unbiased.

Environmental Law

We understand that the practice of environmental protection and social equity go hand-in-hand. Our focus is on helping organizations understand the environmental & human rights law landscape, and ensuring that they are compliant with the applicable laws. We provide training programs & workshops on the subject as well; besides help conduct environmental due diligence and environment impact assessments.

We also pursue advocacy and provide assistance to initiatives aimed towards preservation of the environment, conservation of natural resources & enabling social equity. Our work involves enabling access to environment related information and seeking enforcement of environmental laws.