Environmental Law Preservation of the Environment & Conservation of Natural Resources,
Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Impact Assessment
Sustainability & CSR Strategy Formulation, Implementation Support,
Program Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Training
& Capacity Building, Monitoring & Reporting
& Field Studies
All areas permitted under Schedule VII of The Companies Act, 2013
& Sustainable Development Goals


Integration With Business Strategy, Program Management & Implementation Support, Training, Stakeholder Engagement, & Reporting

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategy Formulation, Community Needs Assessment, Partner Identification & Due Diligence, Community Engagement, Monitoring, Capacity Building, Impact Assessment, & Reporting

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Research & Field Studies

SDG’s & Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Social Equity, & All Areas Permitted Under Schedule VII Of The Companies Act, 2013

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Environmental Law

Preservation Of The Environment, Conservation of Natural Resources, Environmental Due Diligence, Compliance, Environmental Impact Assessment

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